Hints & Tips on the Care & Use
of the Turbiflex

previously known as the RotoFlex

by Maureen Williams

Inserting the Cutting Bit.

Make sure the bit is inserted fully into the turbine head. From the Manufacturer’s instructions: The shank of the tools fitted to the turbine must be deeply inserted. A minimum of 2.5 cm must be introduced into the turbine and a maximum of 2 mm may stick out. (you push your tool right in) The bottom of the shaft should protrude slightly below the level of the fan housing. To achieve this it is necessary to push the shaft of the bit firmly down. At first you may find there is a slight resistance and it may be necessary to try a few times to get the bit in properly.
Failure to insert the bit far enough may cause vibration and wobbling of the cutting blade. This can damage both the egg and the Roto Flex.

Cutting with the Roto Flex

Do not apply undue pressure! Let the tool do the work. Do not try to hurry the tool by applying extra pressure as this will very likely cause the inside of the casing to become "off-centred" and will off balance the fan in the turbine. This will result in the fan "scrubbing" against the inside of the housing and your tool will stop running – probably forever! This is a very important rule.

Care & Cleaning

It is not necessary to wash the turbine. Clean occasionally using a dry, short-bristled artist paintbrush to remove egg dust. A light spray with silicon or CRC at the base of the metal fittings (where the metal meets the plastic) will keep the unit in good condition. Run the unit briefly to clear excess oil BEFORE cutting any eggs, as it will fly everywhere!
Avoid banging or bumping the turbine head against anything while it is not in use. (Eg. when changing bits/burs etc.) When the Roto Flex is not in use, stick the turbine head into the opposite end of the flexible hose for safe storage and to protect the turbine.

Health & Safety

Make sure long hair is tied back before using the Roto Flex. Dangling hair can get caught resulting in damage to both the operator and the unit!
Even though the Roto Flex system sucks away "most" of the dust while you are carving you should still wear a dust mask. Wear eye protection! (Safety glasses or goggles) Even if pieces of shell don’t "fly" there will still be some small amount of airborne dust that can be extremely irritating to the eyes. Make sure you turn off the Roto Flex before wiping your brow or scratching your nose!!!!

Watch for more information on other carving tools.