Emboss On An Egg with Rubber Stamps

From Terry
  • Supplies: -Rubber Stamp -Plain white tissue paper -clear embossing ink (white will also work) -embossing powder embossing heat tool -water color paint -paint brush -glue -Varathane 2000 varnish - High Gloss -Varathane 2000 varnish - Satin Finish -Paint the egg white. -Press rubber stamp onto embossing ink pad. -Stamp onto tissue paper. -Sprinkle with embossing powder. -Lightly shake off excess powder onto sheet of paper
  • (excess embossing powder can be reused).
    -Use heat tool to heat embossing powder until melted.

    Cut out embossed design leaving 1/16 around edge of design. Wet paint brush with water and dip into glue, brush onto egg where design will be placed.Put design onto egg, embossed side up. Brush glue over the design from the center out, brush gently until flat on a separate palette. Mix water color paint and 1 drop of High gloss varnish (use lightest color first). Paint onto the egg in desired areas. Repeat above for each additional color.

    Dip into can of satin varnish and apply 2 coats of varnish, letting dry between each coat. Dip into can of high gloss varnish, using 5 to 15 coats of varnish letting dry completely between each coat. You do not have to worry about contaminating the can of varnish, because it seals it when you add varnish to the water color paint when you apply it to the egg.

    Embossed Eggs
    by Terry