Making an Egg Clock

From Marilyn....

Trina, I love your egg.....I have done eggs with clocks in them before, but never where the edge of the clock was showing like yours and I love it.  I've always done them where I cut out the hole and then place the clock inside the hole. the lid was always a separate deal.  Would you mind sharing (perhaps with the group) how you keep the clock from falling over. Do you glue it in? Keep those pics coming....I really enjoy seeing others work.

From Trina.....

I started doing my goose egg clocks like this a couple of years ago. I thought of ways to access the battery and pin and also have a wonderful hidden jewel box. You can do the egg in either big end up or down. I have also done both ways of hinging by hinging both top and bottom and just top hinging first.

I 've found adding the top last allows me to let the top rest more directly on the clock. I then cut the hole for the clock, and as any one knows when doing clocks this part can be a bit tricky. I then make the opening cut around the egg making sure my side that the pin is on is well below the pin.

  I then use epoxy 5 min. glue mixed with a wee bit of kleenex added to it for strength. I have already found the best position for the clock, paying attention also to the tilt of the clock. Whether the lid is already fastened or still waiting to add to it, I put the lid down to help get the best tilt of the clock. I then very carefully add the glue to the inside of the clock only on the parts that touch the bottom of the egg, at first I put only enough to attach the clock, then I mix bits at a time and continue to fasten the clock making sure not to seal the back of the clock were you need to change the battery.

Then I do the same to the front especially any small gaps that would be a benefit to secure the clock. Remember you can always add braids or findings to hide a lot of mistakes.