Making Snow, Icicles and Water

  • I use the silicone for icicles, and for snow I use the non-yellowing white tub caulking. Sprinkled with a little fine clear glitter, it makes a great snow.

    I have two different things I use. Both I think are from Plaid: They sell them at the holidays. One is matte and looks a little like cake frosting and the other is more glittery and has little "snowballs" in it. I really like that one.

    When I use it on my christmas eggs, I painted my eggs first and added glitter to the paint this way when I added my snow it had something to stick to and if I missed a spot it did not show. I have tried a lot of snow but I love the aleene's snow the glitter and the plain snow.. It's a lot nicer and it doesn't have the balls in it like the Delta snow does... But I do use both of them and I see different looks of the snow..

    To get a nice glittery, snow effect I use diamond dust. It is colourless (unlike glitter) but adds sparkle. Many moons ago I also managed to get my hands on some white glitter which was fantastic for adding glitter to snow.

    I used some stuff this winter out of a jar. I think it is called craft snow or something like that. It was at a crafting party. You use a paint brush to apply it. It's really sticky so a toothpick might work too. You just mound a bit on there. I hadn't thought about using it on eggs. I have seen it at Walmart in the craft dept. The effect was very nice on the craft we did.

    Have you tried Aleene's glitter snow? I have never used it, but it is sold in the craft stores. Would snow tex work?

    I have used Dow caulking to create the base of the snow (picking it out and/or putting it on with a toothpick) and then used the finest glitter that I can find to give it that glittery effect. It really does look like snow. I have also used the Grumbacher Modeling paste, but return to the cheaper method of regular household caulking.

    I have done an egg covered with snow and I used the Duncans snow Accent. It comes in firable and non firable. I use the non firable. I used a pop stick to spread it around. then left it to set. I have always used Kwik seal made by Daap. Get the bright white kind. Any Hardware stores carry's it.

    I just use the White Acrylic latex caulk. I place my things where I want them & it basically stays where ever I put it & let it set up.        

    I have used several snow (paint) products. Some have glitter, others have small beads (look like snow balls), while others are plain snow. I like the brand called   Snow Tex. I have also made some with the fine sand used in the sand art pictures & white paint. This worked pretty well.

    I also saw a web page with instructions for snow. The lady puts styrofoam in a blender and adds glitter to it. I believe you would then mix it with glue. She said to rub blender and styrofoam with fabris softener first to assist in clean up. GARE CERAMICS and Duncans too put out a product called snow. It does not have to be fired, just apply and let dry.

    From Wilma Evans.....
    When I do the icicles I use Dow brand silicone as it will not yellow. Put the silicone on heavy, wait a few seconds then either using your finger, craft stick or toothpick touch the silicone and pull up. The silicone will string so far and drop forming an icicle.

    From Lisa.....
    I use tub and tile caulk for snow and icicles and more. Depending on what I am doing here is what I do. The caulking I use my husband gets through work so I don't know the brand name off hand. For Icicles I tape (electrical tape) a cheap plastic cake decorating tip to my tube (squeezable) of caulking. The tip is the on you can make little star type of flowers with. I just squeeze some on my egg and drag back the caulking and the tip does the rest.

    From Jean......
    Just dot it where you want the icicles and take a toothpick to pull it down. Then cover with prisma glitter.

    From Alice
    The two items I use the most should be available worldwide. For icicles, I use clear silicone gel, available at most hardware stores or aquarium shops where it is sold as aquarium sealant. (Apply a dab, and with a toothpick, pull it down into the shape of icicles. For snow I use bathtub caulking, again available at most hardware stores. Just look for a brand that is advertised as Non-Yellowing.   This stuff can be mounded and arranged to look like real snow. While still wet, you can sprinkle a little diamond dust or other glittery substance if you choose.


    From Lee
    I use clear silicone caulking and sprinkle blue glitter over it while the caulking is still wet.   It is very pretty and oh, so sparkly.

    From Kimberly
    I have heard that silicone caulk with blue food color paste mixed in works well.

    From Gabrielle
    I have used a product called Acrylic Water that I got at WalMart. It is a two part resin. It dries clear & flat(level). You want to seal first with a clear acrylic or paint. I have also used the clear silicone with food coloring in it, and pulled waves up with a toothpick.  They both are good, it just depends on what look you want.