Pomander Egg

by Dotl

You need:
  • a duck egg
  • a suitable stand
  • two decals
  • epoxy resin (araldyte is great)
  • a plastic flower
  • a crystal bead
  • a cotton bud (Q-Tip)
  • a head pin
  • an eyelet

  • by "Eggart"
    For potpourri

    Divide the egg with a pencil mark into two sections. Find the centre from the top blow hole and enlarge this hole enough to take the eyelet. follow this line down approx one inch, and form a pattern of holes or slits



    or whatever you prefer. I fit in two patterns on each side of a duck egg. Your imagination can take over here!

  • First Sketch:

    Paint the egg with an acrylic paint. Apply the decals to the front and back of the egg. Thread the bead onto the headpin. Then thread the flower on under the bead. Snip the cotton bud in half, and thread onto the headpin. Fix these components together with epoxy.

    Place some epoxy around the hole in the top of the egg, and place the eyelet into the hole. Seal the decals in place with a high gloss sealer. Glue the egg to the stand.

    Dip the wand you have made with the flower, bead, and cotton bud into your favorite essential oil. Pop it into the egg through the eyelet. Walla! a pomander! Redip the wand when you want to refresh the fragrance.