Cutting Lattice

by David Welter

  • Just for you here is a tip.....

    Now the fancy lattice (design from Joan Huff) we used on the back of the wedding egg we showed a while back and a lattice picture was in the (Aug./Sept.'99) EggShell Artist with a review Gary LeMaster did on E-Z On Design,which I developed.

    Because you asked for a tip and others have asked how we get lattice to all look the same.Mostly we use a lattice template (fig.1) applied with my E-Z On Design, but have been known to add parts by hand.......

    lattice template on egg

    All squares have
    an X in the center

    1- Using a cutting wheel cut an X in all the squares....(fig.2)
    2- Make sure all little squares have an X in the center of them.... (fig.2)
    3 - using a flying saucer bit, cut the oval in the center of all 4 outer lines of each square of lattice....(fig.3)
    4. using the bit of your choice round all the inside corners of the X in each square......

    fig. 3
    The finished egg

  • That's our lazy way of doing it...... I'm sure some eggers do it all using the same bit... Hope this helps a few that have asked how we do ours.

  • David

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