Marking an eggshell for a hinge ring

by Beverly Gaus

1. Preparing the Eggshell
a) Divide the eggshell in 3rds or 4ths from the top to bottom add a circle at each end to use for 'eyeing' the shell better.

2. Making a Template
a) Using a shirt cardboard or some other heavy paper draw around the outside of the hinge ring with a sharp pencil. Using an exacto knife cutout the inside of the circle you just drew.

Note: Make sure the cut is a fraction smaller than the pencil line.   When making the template for a screw ring cut a fraction larger than the pencil line. Test the template you just made by taking the circle you cut out and setting it inside the hinge ring.

Note: If it is an easy fit, but not too loose you have a good template that can be used over each time you use the same size hinge ring. The same test does not work for a screw ring.

3. Marking the Shell
a) Place the template on a glass or cup. b) Insert the eggshell upside down. c) Hold the template steady and carefully draw around the shell.

4. The Quality Step
a) Remove the eggshell from the template.
b) Check the measurement from the circle at the end of the eggshell (you drew in step 1) down to the template line.
c) If it is not balanced and the same length, erase the template line, and try again. Note:   This step is very important.   Do not continue until the measurement is accurate.

5. Cutting the Egg
a) Place an " X " somewhere on this line to help align the top and the bottom when you insert the shell in the hinge ring.
b) Cut your egg.

6. Testing the Eggshell
a) Test the eggshell to the hinge ring. The top will not have a tight fit due to the curvature of the shell, but can be filled in with a row of crystal or any filler material.
b) If for any reason you do not have a good fit remember when cutting the egg you must cut on, or that hair above or below the line you drew on the egg. This small adjustment will make the template always work.

7. Finishing the Hinge Ring
a) Measure the 'hinge' area.
b) Cut off a very small amount of eggshell by the 'X' so the shell will fit down over that area on the hinge ring.