Make A Dust Collecting Box

by Dianne Geison

  • You need:
    a 1"X6"x8" board
    an 18X24" piece of plywood
    an 18X24" piece of pegboard.

    Cut the a X6 into two 16 1/2 inch and two 24 inch pieces. In the center of one of the 16 1/2 inch pieces, cut a hole the diameter of you vacuum hose. Then nail all pieces together so you get a 18X24 inch frame. On the bottom side nail the plywood and on the top side nail the pegboard. (It is best to use pegboard with the 1/4inch holes.) The attach the vac hose, turn on the vac and you are ready to go!!!!!! If this doesn't make sense, write and I will try to explain it better. I made one of these and it "sucks" like crazy. It's not anything spectacular, but it sure does the job.

  • From Stan Bruce
    Products needed:
  • used with 3/16 inch acrylic plastic sheeting.  
    2-sides cut 24 x 18 inches  (must be cut on angle later)
    1-Base cut 24x18 inches
    1-back panel 23 and 5/8 inchesx18 inches front panel   24x22 inches (might need retrimed due to weatherstripping placement.
    1-bathroom ceiling fan   (70 cfm)
    1-package of exhaust flex hose
    1-fluorescant light 23 inches long
    1-package of 3/16 inch foam weatherstripping
    1-pack of 8 syringes  (smallest type used for insulin)
    1-4oz of IPS. Weld-ON
    Small tube of silicon seal
    4-5in triangles for bracing
    I-acrylic hinge 24 inches in width(will have to trim very little)

  • Instructions:  

    When all pieces are cut place each one where they should go and check for fitness ,mark each with felt pen top,bottom,right,left etc.Now have someone hold a piece were it goes while the other person takes he syringe and inject under the two piece.Then slightly wiggle the piece to  spread the glue underneath.You will see the fusion happen and slightly tap with your hand .It will fuse in about 1 to 2 minutes .After you have assembled the box except for the front sloped cover,reweld once more inside and out.

    Note: Be very careful not to over inject or drip or you will have smudge marks on your clear areas.Have a cloth ready at all times and don't get contact with eyes or skin.

    Make sure to mark holes for light and predrill before welding top piece.Same as exhaust fan,precut.We put fan lip right on bottom of base not to put too much stress on the box.

    Place weatherstripping on inside slope with about 1/8 inch sticking pass opening.Then glue hinge on to front cover first because this will determine were your back hinges are welded not to cause pressure on the hinges.Weld in place.  Install fan and silicon edges and any openings you might see on the exterior fan housing.Let cure overnight.Place hose on exhaust and run it outside.We made a peice to fit hose in that vented out the window.

      The fringes on the front we used a soft vinyl cut into 1 inch strips with about an inch left at the top.We placed it then recut the top and used double sided carpet tape to hold it.That way it can be replaced or removed if you don't like it but found it to help dust not comming back on you.

      Just take your time and this project with patience and planning will turn out looking like it was factory made.Betty tested her dustbox today and it worked better then we hoped. .


  • Here's a drawing of a dust  and cutting box I made my wife for cutting her eggs. I use a small portable red devil  rear bag  hand held vacuum cleaner that has a hose attachment and drilled a hole in the back of the box the same size as the hose. Stick the hose in and the dust goes in  the vacuum when cutting eggs.  it has  a plexiglass front cover and a 18 inch flouresent light inside. It is easy to make and portable. Cost  some where between 40.00 and 60.00 dollars to make.    All supplies can be bought at Lowes or Home Depot. Hope some of you can use it.

    Cleaning Plexie Glass

    Try using one of those duster like things that has the plastic or nylon  dusters and rub it on a plastic grocery bag, it picks up a static charge and the dust just jumps up on it, then hold it to the vacuum hose to get it in the vacuum. It works for us also. Dust the inside of the box with it too the same way.

    From Betty

    When we built our cabinet we did not use Plexiglass as it is so expensive.We used just plastic.The same thickness as plexiglass but a lot cheaper.Works just as well.If you use real glass it will be so heavy you won't be able to move it yourself.I can pick mine up and move it if I want to.