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I have no idea what the XP mail screen looks like. If it looks anything
like mine 98se you can follow these directions.

To save an email in the inbox folder on the left, click on Edit and in the
drop down menu (fig.1) click on move folder. Or you can click on copy
to folder and a copy will go to the folder and the original will stay in your mail box.

~ Fig.1 ~

You can make a new folder if you need one.(Fig.2)
Otherwise scroll down to the folder you need and click OK.

~ Fig.2 ~

If you will notice in my list of folders (fig.1) I have 'A google search'. Since I use this often,
I wrote the url in an email and sent it to myself. I place an 'a' in front so it's close
to the top and easy to get to. I did the same with 'A jigsaw Puzzle'

If you want to see how a web page is put together, click on view
in the top tool bar, then in the drop down menu, click on source.