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These brackets [ ] will be used on this page to replace < > so it will show up on the page. Anything between these < > will not show up on a web page.

Start page with:
[!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"]
[title]Title of page here [/title]
[meta content here]

use this at the end of the page:

Be sure all closing tags have a slash /.

[body bgcolor="000000" text="000000"] or
[body background="url"]

size of text or font [h1]writing here[/h1] numbers 1 to 7 can be used.
Number 1 being the biggest.

to add an image jpg or gif:
[img src="image's url here"]
to change image size and add border:
[img src="image's url here" width="100" height="100" border="5" alt="describe picture here"] alt="description" will show up when mouse is past over the image.
[img src="url here" align="right"] or align="left" or align="center".

clickable email:
[a href=""] [/a]
or [a href=""] [img src="url of image here"][/a]
clickable image for a link:
[a href="url for link here"][img src="url for image jpg or gif"][/a]

For a list:
[ol] (ordered list)
[li] #1
[li] #2
[li] #3

[P] (to start a paragraph) [/p]
The [/P] closing tag is not required.

[br] to the next row ( does not need a closing tag)

[center] to center something [/center]
[div align="center"] to center something [/div]
[div align="right" or "left"] [/div]
[p align="left"] or [img src="URL" align="right"]

To add music or midi:
[bgsound src="midi url here" loop="-1"] to repeat midi.
[embed src="url of midi" autostart="true" loop="-1"]
to play just one time: loop="false"]

For space:
[blockquote] [/blockquote] or
[p] & n b s p ; [/p] space between the letters was used here so
it can show up on the page.


[tr] table row- a horizontal row of cells.Beginning of new row
[/tr] closing tag for row. End of row
[td] table data cells- beginning of new block or cell in a table row.
[/td] closing tag for cell

[table width="100%" border="3" bordercolor="#" bgcolor="#" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"][tr]
[td][center] data in 1st cell[/center] [/td]
[td][center]new cell on same line[/center][/td]
[td][center]third cell on same line[/center>[/td][/tr]
[td][center]1st cell in 2nd line[/center][/td]
[td][center]2nd cell on 2nd line[/center][/td]
[td][center] 3rd cell on 2nd line[/center][/td] [/tr] [/table]

data in 1st cell
2nd cell on same line
third cell on same line
1st cell in 2nd line
2nd cell on 2nd line
3rd cell on 2nd line

No border width on this table.
The cells become the size needed to fit the text.

data in 1st cell
2nd cell on same line
third cell on same line
1st cell in 2nd line
2nd cell on 2nd line
3rd cell on 2nd line

80% border width used here.

  • cellspacing will leave a space between cells by changing the number.
  • cellpadding will add space inside the cell between the writing and the
    wall of the space with a higher number.
  • border will add a border around the whole table and cells.
    The higher the number the wider the border.
  • by using bordercolor="#"] you can change the color of the border.
    Without it, the border will be black.
  • You don't need to use width, border, bordercolor or
    bgcolor if you don't need them.

    This page is made using a table width of 85% to give it an even space
    border on both sides. This space can be adjusted by the % width.

    A scrolling marquee
    your message here
    [marquee bgcolor=red] your message here [/marquee]

    your message here
    [marquee width=40% bgcolor=blue] your message here [/marquee]