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Some Hints on Carving Eggs

From Terry.......

Hints from egg carvers for carving on eggs with a dremel tool.
First, score the line lightly before you start really cutting. Start with a tiny hole.

Be sure the bit and the collet are seated correctly. Reposition them if necessary, and insert them into the dremel all the way.

Use the tiniest diamond taper or flame bit.

Then, several people suggested moving the egg against the drill, instead of the reverse. Some also suggested using a stand for the Dremel and moving the egg against it.

Also, several people mentioned strengthening the egg by using tape to cut through. Micropore and Masking tape were suggested. Micropore can be cut through. Masking is used to reinforce what has already been cut. Another person suggested using E-Z Design to strengthen the shell.

Another person suggested cutting out the smallest areas first, and working all around the egg, rather than one section at a time. Also, start with a small hole.

Use the highest speed on the Dremel. Several people use the flexible shaft model and hang the drill cord.

Some suggested a Rotoflex as a next step-up in speed and it is low in expense.(Sold by many of the suppliers)

I think these are the highlights and hope I have not left anything out.

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