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By Gary Gunn

Picture 1-My Mom at her 100th birthday party on July 23,2000. This is the picture Gary Gunn used to carve on an emu egg
Picture 2- 1- Carving my mother's picture on an emu egg by Gary Gunn. This is the first step , egg is sanded where subject goes with 320grit then 600grit wet and dry sandpaper the subject is then glued into place with EZ transfer. I will next score egg through print.
Picture 3- 2- This is first cut done with dental tool and 33 1/2 carbide. I stayed in light areas.
Picture 4- 3- I have torn away pattern and cut background with dremel and 1/8 inch rad cutter in carbide . The background helps present subject or project it forward and when polished it really helps. That is the hardest part of the whole carving there is much elbow grease applied , I file area first after carving off top layer. then sand with 320 wet and dry sandpaper followed by 600 grit paper . After that , I polish area with white polishing compound , followed with a scratch remover like mirror glaze. after that I have to thoroughly wash egg to get rid of splashed polish and sand water, only then will I carve the rest of the face.
Picture 5- 4- Here is egg polished now all the prep is done , it is now time to do the fun part tomorrow. this will be a difficult egg to complete as photographer doesn't use lighting shadow or contrast , this is an inside photo and the hardest for me to work there is. I have much better luck with old photos because the old photos were taken by professionals and they knew the value of good lighting . But this happens to me all the time, I almost asked you for a different photo to work with but I have started and we will see what we get.
Picture 6- 5- All work done so far is done with dental drill and diamond football smallest available, the rest is fine tuning done with a small cherry knife and sand paper. Picture 7- 6- Here is the finished egg on a pickled oak stand. Gary also makes all his turned wooden egg stands.